I’ve always loved sunsets.  Of course there is the beautiful spectrum of colors, turning the plain blue sky into miraculous shades of orange and pink, but I also find beauty in the way it gives closure to the day.  It’s a visual embodiment of you finishing another day, almost as if the sky is turning colors just to congratulate you for making it through each of the 24 hours it takes for the Earth to complete a rotation on its axis. There is also something beautiful about watching the sunset with friends; closing the day with someone you care about.  The pictures in this post are from two consecutive days in which I watched the sunset with two of my favorite people.




The first night was extremely cold.  Charlotte and I took chairs, blankets, snacks, and a camera, and took all of these pictures while trying to keep warm, stay away from birds, and not let the door to the roof slam shut.  The next day we went to the Philadelphia Art Museum, and I took the last two pictures of her standing in front of some of the art from the Contemporary section.




The second night was surprisingly warm.  Emma and I went up to the roof just to get some quick pictures for snapchat, which is why all of those pictures were taken on my phone instead of a camera. That night we ordered from Insomnia Cookies and watched Finding Nemo; something we had finally done after over 2 years of planning.  The next day we went on a photoshoot and went to Johnny Rockets, which was extremely nostalgic and fun, even though Emma’s grilled cheese took over an hour to arrive.


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