december playlist

By this time any other year, I would be fully surrounded in all things Christmas.  My usual December get-ready-for-Christmas regimen is to only listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies for at least the majority of the month.  However, this year, the temperature has not dropped below 55 degrees in Philly (thanks, mother nature), and something just doesn’t seem right about listening to Christmas music when I can still walk outside wearing shorts and a tank top.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I spent a few hours watching some of her favorite music videos of the bands and artists she loved when she was younger.  She told me that although she constantly forgets the names and plots of books and movies, she can still remember every lyric to her favorite David Bowie songs.  I found that fascinating, and I love the thought that the memories and meanings of your favorite songs will stick around with you for the rest of your life.

I think that that’s the reason I love The Maine’s cover EP so much; all of the songs are from at least 10 years ago, yet they steal have meaning and beauty to the band.  This binge-watching of 80’s videos is also where my newfound obsession with “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” has come from.  Anyways, here is the playlist of music that I’ve been listening to this month:

you get what you give – the maine ft. brennan smiley (originally by new radicals; if i could get away with it, every single song by the maine would be on this list )

steal my sunshine – the maine ft derek sanders (originally by len; the music video is super strange, but still a great a song and a great cover)

still – the japanese house ( I’m pretty sure that everyone and their mother has heard this song, but for a good reason; it’s amazing )

love yourself – justin bieber ( i am extremely embarrassed by how much i love this song, but you can’t help but admit it, it’s so good)

in my veins – andrew belle ft erin mccarley ( i first heard this song a few months ago on pretty little liars, and have been completely in love with it since)

ugh – the 1975 ( i hate matty healy with all of my heart, but you can’t deny that this song is really catchy )

guess i’m doing fine – beck ( the maine also did a cover of this, which as always was amazing, but the original is great as well )

new skin – beach weather

swoon – beach weather

rebel sun – beach weather ( this entire ep is amazing, i really recommend checking it out )

youth – trove sivan ( i was really surprised by how good his album is, especially ease, talk me down, and for him. )

wake me up before you go go – wham! ( if you still haven’t heard this song, i recommend getting up from underneath that rock that you’ve been living under, and listening to it as soon as possible )


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