a lush christmas

As many of you may know, Lush has recently come out with their extensive line of Christmas products.  While some may argue it is too early to get hyped up for Christmas (and the holiday season in general), I am a firm believer that it’s never to early to start getting ready to celebrate the holidays.  I’ve had my mini Christmas tree up in my room since mid-October, and I’m contemplating whether I should keep it out year-round.

Allowing myself to fully bask in the Christmas spirit, I went to Lush today, and picked up quite a few items.


Firstly, I bought the “Don’t Look at Me” fresh face mask.  I turned in 5 cleaned out Lush pots before my purchase, so I received this mask for free.  I don’t think I would have bought it otherwise, since the mask cost $10.  While the masks do usually last for quite a while, I can’t justify spending that much on such a small item.


Next, I bought the “Imperialis” moisturizer.  I’ve been looking for a moisturizer for a while, and this one was reasonably priced and seems like it will last.


Above is the bath bomb titled “Shoot for the Stars”.  This product has caught my eye numerous times before, and today I finally decided to buy it so I could test it out.  As the official Lush website states, this bath bomb  lets “the swirling colors of the night sky dazzle in your bathtub. As the calming blanket of shimmering midnight blue unfolds, Brazilian orange and bergamot oils take your skin to heaven as your mood rockets straight up to the stars”.


“The Experimenter”.  I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this ever since it first came out.  There have been endless videos online demo-ing this product, and the results are spectacular.  This bath bomb creates a rainbow of colors in the tub, and smells of vanilla.


This “Dashing Santa” bath bomb is possibly the cutest thing Lush has ever sold.  However, it is the one item that I somewhat regret buying.  After I purchased it I realized that it smells slightly fruity, which I’m not a huge fan of.  Hopefully this will be enjoyable with a strong candle lit next to the bath.


This bath bomb, the “Tisty Tosty”, is the only thing I bought today that I’ve ever gotten before.  My friend Zo bought me this for my birthday last year, and ever since I’ve been in love.  Although it doesn’t fizz up in any special way, it’s filled with dried roses that make for a beautiful bath, and that’s exactly what it smells like: roses.


“Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds” is one of the two bubble bars that I purchased.  Its name says it all; when put in a bath it looks like a summery sky, filled with big white clouds.


This bubble bar, “Holly Golightly”, is another holiday special.  Although it gets silver shimmer all over your hands (and your clothes, and your hair, and your camera), it’s totally worth it.  This product is pretty much the definition of the holidays, with its cinnamon-y scent and its silver, green, and red bubbles.


Last but not least, I bought the “Snow Angel” bath melt.  I have never used a bath melt before, so I’m super excited to try this one out.  It has a subtle chocolatey scent, but nothing strong enough to make you feel sick.

That’s it! Hopefully you didn’t find this too boring (I was bored out of my mind by the time I finished writing it), and hopefully I have the motivation to post again soon.


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