things that make me happy

This is another random get-to-know-me kind of post.  I saw a girl do this on instagram (@an.sthetic, she has great captions and an even better feed), and I instantly wanted to do it myself.  I wrote the list down on google docs a few days ago, expecting it to be a mere few lines.  It turned out to be over 2 pages long.  Below are a few of my favorites.

things that make me happy:

‣ when i recommend something to someone and they actually do it.  i’m the kind of person who immediately tells one of my friends if i really really love something. my favorite thing is when they actually look into whatever it is i recommended, and are as intrigued with it as i am.

‣ when someone initiates a conversation.  i hate starting conversations, but i love to talk and to hear people talk.

‣ when someone texts me first.  this one goes along the lines of the previous reason, but someone texting me first is a really special thing.  this means someone was thinking of me when i wasn’t even around, which is a pretty big deal for me.

‣ when i make my friends laugh.  i’ve always been really insecure about whether or not i’m a funny person.  i’ve come to the consensus that I am not funny, but i’m pretty good at making my friends laugh.  does that make sense? i hope it does.

‣ reading a really good book that makes me think about life, either in a different way, or more thoroughly.  i’m probably going to do a separate entry about my favorite books, but reading is one of my favorite things, along with thinking too hard about the meaning of life and other philosophical questions that will not be answered until long after i have left this world.  mash the two together, and you have complete perfection.

‣ watching old imovies of fun times with my friends.  my friends and i like to make imovies out of each year and big event in our lives.  we all share a youtube channel and post the videos on private, so only we can see them.  if i’m ever feeling down this is usually the first thing i do, it makes me feel nostalgic, which is sometimes the best way to feel.

‣ having a picnic.  there’s something about having a picnic that seems so, movie-esque.   i can imagine that i’m rachel mcadams in one of her numerous amazing movies.  what else can a girl want?

‣ when people show interest in a conversation.  there is nothing i hate more than having a conversation with someone who isn’t really invested in it.  the anxiety in me just tells me “it’s because you’re boring, why would anyone want to have a conversation with you”.  this makes me anxious on top of my boredom, and it’s really not a nice experience.  i love when people show interest in conversations, it makes me feel interesting and interested.

‣ when people ask and answer deep questions, and just skip the awkward small talk all together.  i hate small talk; it’s probably number two on the things i hate list, right after composition notebooks.  i love getting to know interesting things about people, and what made them who they are today.   please tell me about your family, your troubles, and your happiest moments, and i promise i will listen.

‣ when someone who doesn’t agree with my opinion still respects it, but is willing to have a friendly debate.  i love to debate.  i was brought up in a family who encouraged debates over anything, from who rory gilmore should end up with to who should be president.  however, i hate it when people trash my opinion.  i will respect your opinion, but please respect mine.

‣ traveling.  this one kind of speaks for itself.  in less than fourteen years i have been to fourteen countries, which is pretty impressive in my opinion.  unlike my mom, i don’t enjoy going to see tourist attractions and landmarks.  i prefer sitting in small coffee shops and checking out boutiques, getting a feel for the city and learning how to blend in with the culture.

‣ when people are willing to talk about the random things about themselves.  i will never get sick of hearing you talk, please tell me about your favorite book and your favorite movie and your favorite band and your favorite song and why you like them all so much.

‣ spiral bound notebooks.  they’re so cute, nice, and easy.  if you make a mistake, just rip the page out, and start all over.  composition notebooks are dumb and annoying and awful.

I hope that this wasn’t too boring for you to read.  I really encourage you guys to make a list like this about things that make you happy; you can learn a lot of things about yourself that you may not have acknowledged before.


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