13 facts about me

Hello again!  I decided that for my first real post I would tell you guys 13 facts about myself, one for each year that I’ve been alive.

  1. i’m extremely indecisive.  i couldn’t tell you what my favorite animal, color, book, movie, show, or country is.  i even constantly switch between using a closing parenthesis after numbers in lists and using periods (as you can tell from this list, right now i prefer periods).
  2. i’m kind of a neat freak.  i like to keep my room really clean and white, and i can’t really get anything done in a messy environment.  this is really annoying because i also happen to be a really messy person, so before leaving for school i manage to wreck complete havoc in my room, leaving clothes strewn on the floor, and piles of bobby pins and hair ties on my desk.  i usually take 10-15 minutes to clear everything up before starting homework every day.
  3. my current favorite album is american candy by the maine, closely followed by forever halloween by the maine, which is closely followed by pioneer by the maine.  the maine is an amazing band, and i will probably write an entire post about them later.
  4. so far, i’ve been to 14 countries.  i love to travel, and i’m really lucky because i have parents who love to travel as well.  i don’t really think i could rank any of these countries in order from my favorite to least favorite, but i really love europe.
  5. i really love to watch movies.  i don’t know what it is about it, but i love how they can tell such a nice story in just an hour or two.  if i had to choose two of my favorites, they would have to be love rosie and love actually (i love lily collins and hugh grant).
  6. i’ve never finished a television series before.  i always get bored around the third of fourth season and just stop.  the writers try too hard to get the plot line to keep going, and it all just ends up being a mess.
  7. i watched gilmore girls this year with my mom, and i am currently two episodes away from finishing the series, and i have been for the past 3 weeks.  i refuse to finish the show, because it’s so great and i don’t want it to end.  rory also makes a stupid decision in the second to last episode, and i would be heartbroken if i had to watch her make it.
  8. right now my favorite show is how i met your mother.  i know I’m really really late on this one, but i started watching a week and a half ago and I’m already half way through season 4.  its the first show thats supposed to be funny that i geniunely laugh at.  i watch at least 3 episodes before school every morning when I’m getting ready.
  9. my favorite book is either the great gatsby, wuthering heights, the da vinci code, or we all looked up.  i’ll most likely do a separate post about all of my favorite books later.
  10. my entire wardrobe consists of black, gray, and white.  it’s not that i don’t like color, i just think i look better in monochrome colors.  and i don’t like color.
  11. this probably should have been in the top few points in this list, but i live in philadelphia pa.
  12. i really love going to concerts.  i’ve been to 5 this year, and i really want to plan a few more for 2016.  sadly, none of the artists i really like have a tour planned yet.
  13. i have 7 best friends, and they are the greatest + funniest people you could ever imagine.  (@bitchachos )

2 thoughts on “13 facts about me

    1. this is so cute iman, i love number 9 “it’s not that i don’t like color, i just think i look better in monochrome colors. and i don’t like color.”


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